Secret Hopper

Mystery Shopping and Consulting for Craft Beer Businesses

What We do

It is our goal to help craft beer businesses maximize their customer experience, find new areas of opportunity, monitor changes in their customers' habits, and learn to grow from it.

Secret Hoppers provide honest, firsthand feedback on their tasting room experiences at businesses across America. 

First impression

A customer's first impression of your brewery will have a great impact on the remainder of their experience, even before they try your beer. We will let you know what they say. Beer drinkers are lined up to give honest, objective feedback.


Is the music too loud? Do you smell freshly brewed beer or freshly mopped floors?  Are the bathrooms dirty? Let us help determine what guest shoppers believe you have right and what may need improvement.


How long do customers have to wait for a beer? Do the servers offer recommendations? Do they offer beer to go? Does the staff make the customers want to return? These are some of the topics we will help your brewery discover.