Secret Hopper

Mystery Shopping and Consulting for Craft Beer Businesses


why secret hop


see your brewery from the other side of the bar

Your customers' feedback matters. When you begin to see your brewery as a place of work rather than a fresh environment, many simple details become overlooked. The objective view point of detail oriented customers will help you once again see your brewery for the first time. 


find areas to improve

Your customers' feedback will not only pinpoint areas that your brewery is already succeeding, but also present areas in which growth can occur. Our goal is to help you keep doing what you are already doing right, and strengthen what can be done better.


find new areas of opportunity

Your customers' feedback will not only help you discover areas to improve upon, but also present aspects of your business that may need more attention. Our goal is to help you create new opportunities to better your customers experience.


MONITOR CHANGE and grow from it

Over time our research will help your business analyze trends, track improvements, and make your brand stronger one pint at a time. Our goal is to make every customer become a repeat customer.