Secret Hopper

Mystery Shopping and Consulting for Craft Beer Businesses


What was your favorite part of your experience with Secret Hopper?: 

My favorite part of the experience was the feeling of being a real part of the local craft beer scene, that my contribution may help improve the local breweries, which would ultimately benefit me as a consumer.

-Matthew from Maryland


The entire experience is cool, having the privilege of drinking beer and getting reimbursed is great but the best part is likely helping breweries get better in my city. That makes things better for everyone!

-Ronald from North Carolina


I am a huge fan of craft beer, and especially small breweries. The opportunity to contribute to their success is what I'm really excited about doing.

-Keith from Ohio


I mean, I visit breweries regularly *without* getting compensated. What's not to love about this?!

-Brian from Colorado


 I often go to breweries and focus mainly on the beer alone. Focusing on service related things gave me a different perspective and an experience I really hadn't had before. It was fun.

-Michael from Virginia


If Secret Hopper were a beer, what would we be?: 

Secret Hopper would be a pilsner. Very approachable and "easy to use". Something that I think all people would enjoy participating in.

-Joe from Ohio


Wow! Interesting...Victory Golden Monkey, a beer that elevated the craft brewery game early on, just like this service is designed to elevate the craft beer bar experience.

-Steve from Florida


Secret Hopper would be a Session IPA because it is good for everybody; good for the consumer because you can drink more of it, good for the producer because you will sell more of it, and good for your spouse because you won't get so hammered.

-Matthew from Maryland