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Attract New Guests

A well-crafted liquid is without a doubt the anchor of our industry. Take away quality beer and we’re nothing. Next, engagement serves a key role in creating relationships that will keep guests returning to your brewery. However, we often don’t spend enough time going over how to get from Point A to Point B. Sure, making great beer brings people, and once they’re in, put out a great experience, but how can you get new guests through your doors in the first place?

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A Wrongful Victim of Facebook's New Alcohol Policy

On July 25, I discovered that my Secret Hopper page had been switched from “published” to "unpublished." This came without warning and I was unsure why this occurred. I immediately appealed and was denied without any further explanation. Once our appeal was denied, we were given no option to re-appeal.

We were somehow a wrongful victim of a new Facebook policy.

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The "No" List

At Secret Hopper, we aim to always stay positive and to look at things from the glass is half full perspective. We take this approach with every internal aspect of our business as well as our relationships with breweries. If we observe a brewery that has staff not interacting with guests, we don’t discipline that brewery and put them down for it, but rather look at this as a starting point with room to get better. With that said, there are certain that a guest should never experience while visiting your brewery. Here is an absolute list of 10 things your staff should never do.

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How Engagement At Your Brewery Affects Your Guests' Spending Habits Elsewhere

It should never be taken for granted that your tasting room is the epicenter of your brand. Whether your staff is serving a first-time guest, or a frequent visitor, their visit is not only impacted by the quality of your beer, but also the quality of their experience. With so many great drinking establishments readily available, you should strive that your guests enjoy their visit at your brewery, but also crave your beer when not there.

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The Secret to Selling More Beer To Go? Just Ask.

Through research collected through Secret Hopper, based on 5064 non-paid brewery visits, we discovered that brewery staff ask guests if they would like to purchase to go beer 18.6 percent of the time. When staff doesn’t ask this question, guests only purchase to go 9 percent of the time – this constitutes a purchase they decided to make on their own. When staff do ask this question, guests purchase beer to go 49.1 percent of the time.

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The 30 Second Conversation

Engagement is an essential factor in maximizing your guests’ experiences. Staff have a greater opportunity to build this relationship during slower times; however, even during the busiest shifts, a bartender or server can create a memorable connection with your guests. Here is a formula to maximize engagement during these times.

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Brewery Staff Attire

When Sam at Crafting A Strategy first posed the question about the role taproom staff members’ clothing plays in a guest’s experience, I simply thought that the matter was a mere decision made by the brewery owner based on the atmosphere they are looking to create. While this is ultimately still true, your staffs’ attire affects not only the minds of your guests, but also those behind your bar wearing that required, or lack thereof, uniform.

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10 Tips to Motivate Your Staff

It's tough to find quality workers, and once you do, it’s even tougher to find brewery staff as passionate as you are. However, if you are able to make strong hires and build a positive company culture, you are well on your way to building an army of advocates for your brand. Here are 10 strategies you can use to motivate your brewery staff to get them on your level, create a more enjoyable workplace, and to ultimately make your business even more successful.

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Unusual Observations Made at a Brewery - Round 2

In December 2018, we put out a list of unique observations made by our Secret Hoppers visiting breweries coast to coast. We’re back for round two!  Secret Hopper is helping 250+ breweries monitor their tasting rooms, increase in-house revenues, create more repeat customers, and find new ways to differentiate as the craft beer industry continues to climb past 7400, and here are a few more observations our shoppers have made.

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